Northridge Earthquake
Lifeline Performance and Post-Earthquake Response
This monograph describes the earthquake performance, emergency response, and recovery for the following lifeline systems: electric power, water, wastewater communications, roads and bridges,...

Seismic Performance of a Power Plant with Foundation Interaction

Model Study of Riprap Stability under Wave Action at the LG3 Reservoir, La Grande Hydroelectric Project

Reservoir and Canal System Regulation for Operation of the Raymond Reservoir Hydro Project

Sediment Pass-Through, An Alternative to Reservoir Dredging

Structural Safety Evaluation of Gerber Arch Dam

Closure Methods for Large Intakes

Rock/Concrete Interface Cracks; Myths and Realities

Modeling Framework For Optimizing Basin Hydropower

Independent Condition Assessment of Existing Hydroelectric Facilities; An Essential Tool for Managing Hydro Resources

Collaborative Process Tools for Water Management Planning

Electrical Considerations of a Variable Speed Project

Improving the Efficiency of a Four-Unit Generating Station

Development of a Hydro Operator/Maintenance Apprenticeship Training Program

Application of Reliability Centered Maintenance at PG&E's 91 MW Stanislaus Hydroelectric Project

Wise, John

Safe Harbor Hydroelectric Station Index Tests, Flow Measurements, and Hydro Operating Curve Revision

Improvements in Licensee Compliance with Hydroelectric Licenses Issued by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Minimum Flow Unit Installation at the South Edwards Hydro Plant

Why are Hydro Projects not being built in the Upper Ohio River Basin?





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