Ice and the Wire Systems of a Transmission Line

Galloping of Ice Covered Wires of a Transmission Line

Innovative Airborne Inventory and Inspection Technology for Electric Power Line Condition Assessments in Remote Areas and Cold Climates

Extreme Event Loading and Cascading Failure Risk Assessment for Electric Power Lines

Bear Creek Microtunnel for City of Seattle

Residual Soil Characterization for a Power Plant

Improvement of Fragilities for Electrical Substation Equipment

Relationship between On-Offshore Sediment Transport Rate on the Beach Face and Wave Energy

Pressure Tunnels in Fractured Rock: Minimum Cover Criteria from the Stability of Rock Wedges

Tomoka River Transmission Line Crossing: Just Another Wood Pole Replacement Project

Ice Storm '98: Characteristics, Events, and Interpretation

Electrical Substation Structure Design Guide: A Panel Presentation

Design of a Deep Cavern Intersected by Weak Shale

The Role of the Construction Engineer in the Design of Temporary Structures for Construction in the Power Generation, Process, and Petrochemical Industries

Can a Multi-Species Conservation Plan Conserve 102 Species Including the Four Big River Fish at a Reasonable Cost?

Optimization Modeling for River Restoration

Laboratory Observations and Numerical Simulations of Shoaling Surface Gravity Waves

Probability Distribution of Wave and Roller Energy in the Nearshore Zone

Wave Transmission and Set-Up at Detached Breakwaters

Field Measurements of Wave Transmission Through a Rubble Mound Breakwater





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