The Excitation System—Heart of an AC Generator

Troubleshooting for Efficiency Improvements and Life Extension in Kaplan Type Turbines

Performance and Technical Particulars of the Double Runner Francis Turbines

Application Aspects of the Static Frequency Converter System in Pumped Storage Power Plants

Replacement of the Static Frequency Converter Starting Equipment at the Raccoon Mountain Pumped Storage Plant

The FERC's Consideration of EMF in the Licensing of Hydroelectric Project Transmission Lines

Belleville Powerhouse Electrical Systems and Controls

3D Cam Controls: Operation, Installation and Benefits at The Dalles and John Day Dams in Northern Oregon

California State Water Project Control System Development

Dinorwig Power Station Generator Motor Stators—The Development of Tooling for Stator Rewedging with the Rotor in Situ

Optimization of Mechanical Behaviour of Hydro Generator Stator Cores Due to Buckling Effects

Stand Alone Variable Speed Constant Frequency Generators

Recreation and Jobs in the Glen Canyon Dam Region

Managing the TVA Reservoir System for Recreation Benefits

Recreation Monitoring

Hydroelectric Project Recreation Partners in River Access Program

Recreation Planning for Tallulah Gorge

Hydropower Generation and Whitewater Recreation: Finding the Common Ground

Techniques for Quantifying Instream Flows for Recreation

MERLIN: a 2D/3D Finite Element Program for Safety Assessment of Cracked Dams





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