Hydropower and the Environment: A Case Study at Glen Canyon Dam

Manging Lake Levels for Environmental Benefits

Hydro Power Benefits of Cooperative Watershed Management

Fish Entrainment Studies—A Logistic Nightmare and How to Wake Up

Environmental Issues in Relicensing Hearings for Carolina Power & Light Company's Walters Hydroelectric Plant on the Pigeon River, NC

Surface Attraction Fish Bypass at Rocky Reach Dam

Attraction Flow—A Fish Bypass Alternative

Comparison of Full Tailrace Netting and Hydroacoustic Monitoring for Estimating Entrainment at Two Hydroelectric Stations in Wisconsin

Monitoring and Analysis of Dam Deformations Sherman Island Hydroelectric Development

The Belleville Hydroelectric Project—An Overview

Lessons Learned from the Pit 3 Dam Interim Instream Flow Release System

McNary Dam Fishway Hydroelectric Project

Striking a Blance Between Hydropower Generation and Fish Habitat in the Owens Gorge, California

Hydroelectric Power Development Using Irrigation Flows

Balancing Multiple Objectives for Restoration of Great River Wall

River Flow Maintenance Turbine for Milner Hydroelectric Development

Advanced Pumped Storage Creates New Transmission Capacity on Existing Conductors

Value Engineering Spillway Modifications: A Case Study

The Mt. Hope Waterpower Porject: A Pumped Storage Facility that Enhances the Environment While Supplying On-Demand Electrical Needs

The Redevelopment of Hydroelectric Power at Rawdon, Quebec





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