The Rôle of the Äspö Hard Rock Laboratory in the Swedish Deep Repository Programme

Groundwater Predictions in the Swedish Äspö Hard Rock Laboratory

Recent Developments in Sweden on Spent Fuel Management

Life-Cycle Cost Implications of a System Using Bare SNF Transfer

The Development of a Private, Centralized Spent Fuel Storage Facility

MPC System Development a Utility Industry Assessment

A Review of Accident Response Models for Risk Assessments Involving the Transport of Spent Nuclear Fuel

Yankee Approach to Disposal of Greater-Than-Class C (GTCC) Waste

Canisters and Nonfuel Components at Commercial Nuclear Reactors

Non-Fuel Assembly Components: 10 CFR 61.55 Classification for Waste Disposal Using ORIGEN2

Evaluation of Transport Cask Impact Limiters

Reaction Progress Pathways for Glass and Spent Fuel Under Unsaturated Conditions

A Dry Spent Nuclear Fuel Transfer System

Creep Strains Predicted from Constitutive Equations for Zircaloy-Clad Spent Fuel Rods

Requirements for the Emplacement of Doe-Owned Spent Nuclear Fuel into a Civilian Repository

The IAEA Coordinated Research Programme on the Behaviour of Spent Fuel and Storage Facility Components During Long-Term Storage (BEFAST)

Spent Nuclear Fuel Behavior in Long-Term Dry Storage

Whole-Element Disposal of Plutonium-Consumption Modular Helium Reactor Spent Fuel

Experiences with Welding Multi-Assembly Sealed Baskets at Palisades

Communicating Human Factors Effects in Transporting Spent Nuclear Fuel





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