Energy Dissipation in Dynamic Failure Simulations

Buckeye Water Transmission Main Keswick Dam Crossing

Design and Construction of Large Diameter High Pressure Gas Transmission River Crossing for San Diego Gas and Electric Using Directional Boring

Evaluation and Upgrade of Major Transmission Lines Crossing Active Faults

Automation-Related Quality Improvements in Power Plant Design and Operation

Effect of Load Models and Limited Data on Load and Resistance Factors for Fatigue Design

System and Input Identification with Partially Correlated Load Processes

Numerical Simulation of Flow Field Around Buildings

Synthesis of Correlated and Vector-Valued Time Series Based on Random Vibration for Nuclear Piping

A Simulation Procedure for First Passage Problems of Nonlinear Structures

Capacity Predictions for Full Scale Transmission Line Test Foundations

Cold-Related Electric Power System Considerations

Analysis of Proliferation Risk for Taiwan's Spent Fuels

Evaluation of a Bi-Directional Aluminum Honeycomb Impact Limiter Design

Survival of Coliform Microorganisms in Sediments from a Treated Water Reservoir
Experiments were performed seeking the source of coliform contamination in a treated drinking water reservoir operated by the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power. In recent years...

Retrofit of Black Butte Hydroelectric Project Penstock

Remotely Controlled Salvage Machines

Efficient Pump Representation for Fixed-Grid MOC in Pipeline Systems
An explicit solution of the pump power failure boundary condition is shown to have many computational advantages over the conventional implicit pump boundary condition solution (i.e.,...

Response Spectral Densities of Stochastically Excited Nonlinear Systems

An Economy and Risk Analysis of Installed Capacity Expansion at the Three Gorges Power Plant
This paper studies the possibility and economy of peak-regulation operation during flood period at the Three Gorges reservoir, which will at the same time satisfy the requirements for...





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