Legal Weight Truck Cask Response to Regulatory Format Thermal Events, Part 1: Fuel Cladding

Legal Weight Truck Cask Response to Regulatory Format Thermal Events, Part 2: Containment Seal

Benefits/Impacts of Utilizing Depleted Uranium Silicate Glass as Backfill for Spent Fuel Waste Packages

Radwaste Management in Reracking of Korean Nuclear Power Plants

Radionuclide Release for Unsaturated Spent Fuel Tests—First 1.6 Years

Nonequilibrium Thermodynamical Model for Spent Fuel Dissolution Rate

Methodology to Group DOE Fuels for the Purpose of Repository Technical Acceptance

Parametric Thermal Evaluations of Waste Package Emplacement

Spent Nuclear Fuel Dry Transfer System

Canal Control and Automation for the Central District System
The Central Nebraska Public Power and Irrigation District system provides irrigation and hydropower benefits in south-central Nebraska. Because of its complexity, the system relies heavily...

The 1995 Flood in Southeastern Norway—Operational Forecasting, Warning, and Monitoring of a 200-Year Flood
The southeastern part of Norway experienced during the 1995 spring the highest flood recorded since the devastating flood in July 1789. The snow storage was at the end of April 30 to 50...

Modeling of Surface Water Pumps in TVA Reservoirs
This paper describes the numerical simulation of surface water pump perforniance at Cherokee and Douglas Dams. The modeling objective was to determine the surface water pump initial velocities...

Mixing Processes in the Dangava River Estuary
The aim of this report is to present main changes in the hydrology of the Daugava River estuary after its natural water flow became regulated and to present a simple physical model of...

Getting Wet with Metric
Conversion from what is now the American system of units to the SI system of units is a dry subject at best. In the water resources area, however, a rather complete immersion is going...

A Combined Physical and Mathematical Modeling Scheme for Kapichira Hydropower Project, Malawi
A physical model and a mathematical model were used to study the flow patterns in a reservoir having a complicated bathymetry. The physical model measurements were compared with the predictions...

On Silt Abrasion Erosion of Three Gorges Hydraulic Turbine in the Future
In this paper the basic parameters of Three Gorges hydraulic turbine have been reviewed and the operation characteristics of Three Gorges hydropower Station pointed out. Combined with...

The Influence of Peak-Regulation of the Three Gorges Power Plant on Navigation
The paper studies the unsteady flow resulted from peak-regulation by daily regulation at both Three Gorges and Gezhouba Power Plants and concludes that the river section between the dam...

The Costs and Benefits of Dam Removal on the Elwha River
The Elwha River is located on the Olympic Peninsula in the State of Washington. In the early 1900s two hydroelectric dams were built on the Elwha River. Construction of Glines Canyon and...

Mixer Viscometer Characterization of AFBC Ash Grout

Resonance Induced Steel Cross-Arm Fatigue Failures





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