Use of Volga River Flow for Power Generation and Fishery Purposes. Mitigation of Conflicts of Interest

Effects of Reservoir Regulation on Ice Jam Thickness

An Experimental Study on Effective Conversion of Wave Energy into Potential Energy

Ocean Wave-Powered Desalination

Specialty Seminar S.3 Wind Energy and Windflow Around Structures

EDF Experience in Improving Reservoir Releases for Ecological Purposes

Optimal Unit Commitment Scheduling in Hydropower Systems

Ice Problems on Hydropower Project Włocławek (Lower Vistula)

Optimal Design of Steel Transmission Poles

Computer Modelling and Simulation for High Speed Railway Applications

Outage Probability in Mobile Radio Communications in a Three-Dimensional Space

Parameterisation of Triad Interactions in Wave Energy Models

Evaluation of Dynamic Analysis Results using Full-Scale Lattice Tower Tests

Spawning a Hydroelectric Plant
A hydroelectric facility which utilizes fishway attraction water on the Columbia River between Washington and Oregon will tap a neglected source of power and save many endangered fish...

Hydroelectric Pumped Storage Technology
International Experience
This Committee report, Hydroelectric Pumped Storage Technology: International Experience, was prepared by the Task Committee on Pumped Storage,...

Optimal Design of Prestressed Concrete Transmission Poles

Reliability Analysis in Support of Risk Assessment for Non-Routine Closure/Shutdown of Hydroelectric Generating Stations

Surface Oriented Fishway and Fish Guidance Curtain
We, the the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Walla Walla District, are developing a juvenile salmonid surface bypass and collection prototype for Lower Granite Dam. One of the more promising...

Advanced Seawater Desalination Plant
A project that will demonstrate an enhanced seawater desalination process that operates in combination with upgraded existing coastal power plants to meet part of the projected water needs...

Optimal Geometric Shape of a Surface Aeration Tank
This paper presents the results of a laboratory investigation on three cross-sectional shapes—square, rectangular and circular of surface aeration tanks, without any baffles, to find out...





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