Effects of the Spillways Operation on the Fishes Habitat: Study of Solutions

Modeling Approaches for Tailwater Enhancement

Influence of Pumped-Storage Powerplant Zarnowiec on Natural Lake (Lower Reservoir)

Turbulence and Stability at Interfaces in Stratified Reservoir for Power Generation

Effect of Dual Flow Screens on the Hydraulic Performance of Pump Intakes

A Hybrid System of Wave Power Extraction and Shore Protection

Study on Wave Pumping-Up Power Station

The Submerged Hydraulic Jump Downstream Sluice Weir

Influence of Power Station Operations on Sediment Storage and Transport in a River Subject to Mine Waste Discharge

Thermal Regime of the Missouri River Along Its Iowa Border

The Future of the Electrical Contracting Industry

Performance Evaluation Criteria Development for Electrical Craftsmen

Empowerment of the Field Project Manager

Peer Evaluation: The Electrical Contractor's Roundtable

Common Industry Peer Groups

Water for a Changing Global Community
This six-volume collection contains the papers presented at the 27th Congress of the International Association of Hydraulic Research on Water for a Changing Global Community. The Proceedings...

Guidelines for Retirement of Dams and Hydroelectric Facilities
Prepared by the Task Committee on Guidelines for Retirement of Dams and Hydroelectric Facilities of the Hydropower Committee of the Energy Division of ASCE. ...

Energy and Water
Sustainable Development
This proceedings, Energy and Water: Sustainable Development, contains papers presented at the 27th Congress of The International Association...

Pipeline Needs, Technology Opportunities for Natural Gas Transmission Systems

Water and Energy Balances and Their Spatial Distribution in a Catchment of Complex Land Use





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