Evaluation of Hydro Projects Operational Changes on Colbert Fossil Plant Water Intake Temperature

Addressing the Costs of Public Benefits: Ensuring a Place for Hydroelectric Power in a Restructured Competitive Electric Industry

Hydroelectric Power Generation - Privatization and Private Development - The Role of the Independent Engineer

Dam Management Using an Information Database and Reliability Based Approach

Risk Assessment of Two Water Conveyance Systems of the Pacific Gas and Electric Company

Why Not Make the Turbines Cavitation Free?

Model Testing Replacement Turbines for the Bonneville First Powerhouse

New Approach in Small Hydro: Improve Profitability for Hydropower Developers

A Review of TVA's Aeration and Minimum Flow Improvements on Aquatic Habitat

Emergency Minimum Flow System for Dams

TVA Experience with Minimum Flow Techniques at Hydropower Dams

Cost Comparison of Dissolved Oxygen Enhancement Systems at the El Vado Dam

TVA Reservoir Aeration Diffuser System

Update on Development of Auto-Venting Turbine Technology

Labyrinth Weir for Dissolved Oxygen Improvement

Rehabilitation of the High Dam Hydroelectric Facility

The PowerWheel Demonstration Project

White River Fish Screen Project - Hydraulic Modeling

Analysis of Daily Total Sediment Transport Measurement Data at the Old River Control Area of the Lower Mississippi River Over the Last Six Years (1991-1996)

Thermography Applications in Hydroelectric Powerplants





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