Powering Your Electric Vehicle: Affordability Starts with Properly Engineered Geomembrane Liner Systems
Lithium is a vital battery component, and lithium-ion batteries are especially interesting because in addition to being rechargeable, they present a high-energy density and low self-discharge, which means...

Research, Development, and Demonstration Needs
Research, development and demonstration (RDD) is needed to advance recommended civil engineering practices and standards in order to effectively address climate change impacts. Wilbanks...

Design of Latticed Steel Transmission Structures specifies requirements for the design, fabrication, and testing of members and connections for electrical transmission structures. These...

Loading, Geometry, and Analysis
This Standard applies to latticed steel transmission structures. These structures shall be either self-supporting or guyed. They consist of hot-rolled or cold-formed prismatic members...

The New Bedford Marine Commerce Terminal
When construction of the first American offshore wind farm support terminal encountered greater challenges than expected, jet grouting enabled construction to continue....

Tornado Wind Effects on the Grand Gulf Cooling Tower

Interaction Effects of Reactor System and Its Supports

Evaluation of Soil-Structure Interaction Methods

Multiple Resistance Factor Design for Shallow Transmission Line Structure Foundations

Hydroelectric Power and the Future

Site Characterization for the Design of Foundations for Electric Transmission Line Structures

Wind Energy Geotechnics

Velocity and Temperature in Buoyant Surface Jet

Transmission of Waves Past a Rigid Vertical Thin Barrier

Physical Model Verification of a Coastal Discharge

Journal of Pipeline Systems Engineering and Practice
The Journal of Pipeline Systems Engineering and Practice is a professional, authoritative technical resource that reports on a broad range of topics pertaining to the planning, engineering, design, construction,...

Fire Following Earthquake
Prepared by the Technical Council on Lifeline Earthquake Engineering of ASCE. This TCLEE Monograph covers the entire range of fire following earthquake...

Thermal Modeling of the Power Plant Cooling Lake System

An Alternative Approach
An innovative foundation system at a Virginia power plant relies on columns constructed via jet grouting to support elevated units that reduce pollution. The approach required less drilling,...

Assembly and Erection
This chapter is intended to provide recommendations on transporting, handling, assembling, and erecting fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) poles. An important consideration is that FRP poles...





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