Tunneling through Gasoline Contamination: The Caracas Metro Experience

Inspecting the Unknown (Available in Geo-Environmental Special Issue Only)
Unknown foundations have plagued civil engineers for years. In the case of underwater pilings, much time and money is spent inspecting for cracks, breaks or deterioration. Even then, visibility...

Baseball Caps
The last ten years have been a renaissance for baseball stadium construction—a trend that doesn't look likely to stop just yet—and four of the new parks are on the cutting...

Wave Crest Distributions: Observations and Second Order Theory

Brasilia Metro Underground

Big Digs in the Lacustrine Soil of Bogotá, Colombia

São José dos Campos: A Strategic Airport and Its Military/Civilian Transition—Causes and Future Perspectives

USAID's Pollution Prevention Program in Latin America

Developers Propose Megaport in Central America

Pilgrim's Progress: A Status Report on North American APM Systems

Bio-Enrichment by Ocean Upwelling Along the West Coast of North America

International Drainage Construction Conflicts

The 1997 Red River Floods: What Went Wrong?

The SWAN Wave Model Verified Along the Southern North Sea Coast

Water Reuse in South America: A Chilean Study

A Vessel Traffic Simulation Model for the North Sea Channel Area

Vessel Access Simulation to Rationalize the Tug Assistance Program in the Port of El Tablazo, Venezuela

Benefiting Environmental Bottom Line Through Pollution Prevention in Ecuador, South America

Planning Intermodal Capability at West Coast Container Terminals

Perspectives on the 1997 Flooding Red River of the North





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