Directionality of Cross-Shore Sediment Transport in the Surf Zone under High-Energy Conditions

The Holocene Coastal Evolution of Eastern England: Evidence from the Offshore Southern North Sea

Barrier Morphology and Inlet Types: Low Energy Flank of the Cape Fear Foreland, North Carolina

Inlet Induced Shoreline Changes, High Energy Flank of the Cape Fear Foreland, Southeastern North Carolina

Dune Migration and Aeolian Transport along Ceara (Northeastern Brazil): Downscaling and Upscaling Aeolian Induced Processes

Cross-Shore Transport and Profile Evolution at Duck, North Carolina

Physical and Computational Modeling of Bridge Scour at Oregon Inlet, North Carolina

Characterization of a Tropical Clay via Dilatometer Tests

Large-Scale Shoreline Response to Storms and Fair Weather

Design of an Isolated Steel Bridge for Serviceability

Oil Spill Detection in the Norwegian Sea Using Spaceborne Synthetic Apeture Radar (SAR) Imagery

Ithiel Town and the Design of the North Carolina State Capitol: 1831–1835

Sand Bars at Duck, North Carolina, U.S.A.: Observations and Model Predictions

Storm Impacts and Shoreline Recovery in Southeastern North Carolina: Role of the Geologic Framework

Mapping Impacts of Hurricanes Fran and Bertha on North Carolina Dunes

Hurricane Impacts and Shoreline Recovery along Masonboro Island, North Carolina

Cliffside Correction
Construction of a 10 km sewer collector in Valparaíso, Chile, came to a halt due to construction difficulties experienced during pipe jacking operations. Analysis revealed not only construction...

Preparing for Pier A
Earthquakes, oil wells, contamination and unstable soil were among the challenges engineers faced as they prepared a site at California's port of Long Beach for the Pier A...

Temperature Distribution Characteristics at Three LTPP Seasonal Monitoring Sites in Cold Regions

The Santiago Subway: A Geotechnical Experience in Coarse Soil





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