PC MODEL BRESSED for Stochastic Prediction of Reservoir Sedimentation
A stochastic flow-storage/sediment-deposition model was written in BASIC with userfriendly features. It is an augmented version of the FORTRAN program RESSED (REServoir SEDimentation)...

Monte Carlo Approach to Spillway Design Floods
This paper shows the use of a daily stochastic streamflow model for the calculation of the hydrograph for spillway design. Most of the literature related to the topic deals with the problem...

Dynamic Behavior of R/C Buildings in Viñ del Mar, Chile
The Chilean earthquake of 3 March 1985 resulted in an effective peak acceleration of 0. 36g in the coastal city of Vina del Mar. The city had an inventory of over 400 reinforced concrete...

Highway Safety Analysis and Monitoring
The Highway Safety Analysis and Monitoring (HISAM) software was developed under a Federal Highway Administration research contract and is designed to aid local agencies with data base...

Development of a Statewide System for Routing and Scheduling School Buses
The State of North Carolina is in the first year of installing a Transportation Information Management System (TIMS). This paper describes the events over the past six years which have...

Guatemala National Plan

Training in Water Supply—PAHO'S Assessment

Considerations for Engineering Mobilization in Colombia

Training Within a Water Supply & Sanitation Agency

Training System for Operators of Water Supply Systems in Brazil

Lesson Learned on the Socio-Economic and Financial Policies of Past Water/Sanitation Projects

Experiences in Predicting Willingness to Pay on Water Projects in Latin America

The Operational Development Program of the Water Service Companies in Brazil

The Development of a Water Surveillance Programme for Peru

Late Quaternary Stratigraphy and Geological Character of Coastal and Inner Shelf Sediments of Northern North Carolina

Onslow Beach, NC: Morphology and Stratigraphy

Economic Analysis of Irrigation Rehabilitation Projects
This paper discusses the assessment of the costs and benefits of irrigation rehabilitation and modernization projects. It summarizes the methodology used at the World Bank to assess the...

Protection of Cape Hatteras Lighthouse
Historic Cape Hatteras Lighthouse has recently become threatened by shoreline erosion. Shore protection measures for the lighthouse are summarized and shoreline changes and erosion rates...

Selection of Small Hydro Project Sites
In the course of studying nearly forty areas in Peru to identify possible sites for small hydro development and in order to select the best in each area for detailed design, the Authors...

Design and Application of an Open-Loop Control System for Run of River Sites
This paper compares an open loop control system for variable geometry turbines to a closed loop system for fixed geometry turbines. The control systems were designed to operate three submersible...





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