A Fault-Rupture Propagation Model for Ground Motion Simulation

Dynamic Response of Floating Bodies

Mean and Low Frequency Wave Forces on Semi-Submersibles

A New Mixed Procedure for Nonlinear Analysis

Breakwaters '99
First International Symposium on Monitoring of Breakwaters
The papers present state-of-art methods and technologies that are used in the structural and environmental monitoring of rubble mound breakwaters. Structural monitoring concerns the structural...

New Parameters to Model Ground Motions
The paper presents three new parameters to characterize earthquake-induced ground motions. All three parameters evolve from the concept of response spectra, and are termed 3D response...

Dynamic Response of Lattice Towers and Guyed Masts
Prepared by the Task Committee on the Dynamic Response of Lattice Towers of the Technical Committee on Special Structures and the Technical Administrative Committee on Metals of the Structural...

Three-Dimensional Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis of RC Interior Beam-Column Joints with Ultra High-Strength Materials

Finite Element Reliability-Based Assessment of an Existing Suspension Bridge Using Geometrically Nonlinear Analysis

Lateral Resistance of Piles in Liquefying Sand

Nonlinear Seismic Response of Asymmetric Systems

Effect of Soil-Structure Interaction on TMD Control for Wind and Seismic Response of Structures

Reliability Assessment of Reinforced Concrete Structures with Respect to Material Degradation

Nonlinear Analysis of Composite Steel–Concrete Structures

Reinforced Concrete Columns with Lap Splices Subjected to Earthquakes

Pushover Analysis of Isolated Flexural Reinforced Concrete Walls

Inelastic Critical Loads by Eigenvalue Analysis

Comparisons of Structural Linear and Nonlinear Analysis of Steel Moment Frames with Supplemental Damping

Genetic Algorithm for Design of Nonlinear Framed Structures

Investigation of Explosive Damage and Repair Costs





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