Analysis of Local Scour at Bridge Piers

Bridge Pier Scour Equations-An Assessment

Evaluation of Field and Laboratory Research on Scour at Bridge Piers in the United States

Three-Dimensional Hydraulic Analysis for Calculation of Scour at Bridge Piers with Fender Systems

Pier Scour and Portective Surfaces

Evaluation of Recent Field and Laboratory Research on Scour at Bridge Piers in Coarse Bed Materials

Conditions of Maximum Local Structure-Induced Sediment Scour

Contraction Scour at Bridges: Analytic Model for Coarse-Bed Channels

Instrumentation for Field Measurement of Abutment Scour

Laboratory Evaluation of a Conductivity Probe for Scour Monitoring

Evaluation of Selected Instruments for Monitoring Scour at Bridges in New York

Scour Monitoring at Johns Pass and Nassau Sound, Florida
Scour monitoring instruments were installed on two bridges spanning tidal inlets in Florida as part of a research project to develop scour instrumentation. Previous prototype installations...

Nondestructive Assessment of Unknown Bridge Condition

Dispersive Wave Methods for Unknown Pile Lengths

NCHRP 21-5 Research Results on Determination of Unknown Bridge Foundation Depths

Fixed Instrumentation for Monitoring Scour at Bridges

Merging Field and Laboratory Bridge Scour Data

Scour Processes Observed in Field Data

Field Measurements of Streambed Scour at Bridge Piers in Ohio

Scour-Hole Dimensions at Selected Bridge Piers in New York





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