Clean Boating Education Programs of California

Offshore Facility Decommissioning: Issues and Opportunities

Assessment of California's Ocean Wave Energy Recovery

The National Historic Landmarks Survey

Periodic Processes in Vapor Phase Biofiltration

Quantifying Countywide Benefits and Impacts of TSM Projects

Internal Inspection of 20-Inch Natural Gas Pipeline

The Development and Use of a Computerized System to Examine Trends in the Components of Produced Water Discharges from Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas Platforms

Hydrographic Surveying
This manual establishes criteria and presents policy and guidance for performing hydrographic surveying in support of planning, engineering and design, construction, operation, maintenance,...

Estimating the Energy Performance Index of Buildings

Some Results of Fish Surveys Around California Offshore Production Platforms

The Current State of Marine Oil Terminals in California

An Analysis of the Success of RBCA in Tennessee UST Site Management

High Resolution Measurements of Turbulent Fluxes and Dissipation Rates in the Benthic Boundary Layer

Displacement Based Criteria for the Design of Pile Supported Wharf Structures

Evaluation of the ChemTech Soil Treatment Process to Clean Up Metals and Hydrocarbon Contaminated Soils

Effects on Wave Transformation at a Tidal Inlet

Energy Dissipation of Low-Crested Breakwaters

Ineffective Overbank Flow in One-Dimensional Models

Modeling to Assess Remedial Options





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