Florida's Ocean GIS: Protecting Blue and Green Waters

Learning to Cooperate: Joining Science and Policy for Ecosystems Governance

The Development and Use of a Computerized System to Examine Trends in the Components of Produced Water Discharges from Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas Platforms

Oil Spill Prevention and Response: Partnerships Make It Happen

Oil Spill Prevention on the California Coast Facts, Failures and the Future

The Calfornia State Lands Commission Marine Oil Terminal Pollution Prevention Program

Pollution Impacts to Ocean and Coastal Resources: The Complex Process of Assessment and Restoration

Conserving the Marine Resources of the Southern California Bight

Educating Industry, Government and the Public About Maintaining a Healthy Ecosystem

Oil Spill Cleanup Technologies and Planning

Prevention First or Business as Usual

Coastal Links–Partnerships for Watershed and Marine Protection

Surface Water Monitoring Under the Country's Largest Municipal Stormwater Permit

An Integrated Strategy for Managing Urban Runoff Pollution in Los Angeles County

Storm Water Runoff into Santa Monica Bay: Identification, Impact and Dispersion

Stormwater Runoff Effects on Santa Monica Bay: Toxicity, Sediment Quality, and Benthic Community Impacts

Managing the Oceans: Into the Murky Waters of Jurisdiction

The MMS OPA '90 Implementation Plan for the Pacific OCS Region

Reducing Duplicative Efforts in Oil Spill Contingency Planning

Study of Pollutant Dispersion of Coastal Dredging and Reclaiming





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