Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) and Nitrogen Conversions in the Groundwater Environment
EPA's regulatory focus on concentrated animal feeding operations has historically concentrated on potential surface water impacts from direct discharges as well as nutrient-laden runoff....

Asphalt Parking Lot Runoff Nutrient Characterization for Eight Sites in North Carolina, USA
The objectives of this study were to characterize asphalt parking lot runoff quality and determine factors influencing nutrient concentrations and loads. Event mean concentrations (EMCs)...

Fate of Nitrogen Compounds in Animal Waste Lagoons
This chapter examines the fate of nitrogen compounds in animal waste lagoons. Topics include nitrogen in animal waste lagoons; transformations and removal; and subsurface transport....

Experience in Underground Storage of Crude Oil in Salt

Treatment of Nitrocellulose by Thermal Decomposition

Biological Phosphorus and Nitrogen Removal Utilizing Submerged RBCs and Intermittent Aeration

Characterization of the Fate and Transport of Nitroaromatic Compounds at a Former Department of Defense (DOD) Ordnance Depot Site

Factors Affecting the Biotransformation of Trinitrotoluene (TNT)

Implementation of a Successful Nitrogen Removal Program at the Blue Plains Advanced Wastewater Treatment (AWT) Plant in Washington, D.C.

Effect of Sole Nitrogen Sources and Temperature on Activated Sludge

Tributary Strategies in the Middle Potomac River Basin of the Chesapeake Bay

Emissions Impacts of Utilizing Vehicle Class Distributions by Mode for TDM Analysis

Recovery of Nitrogen and Phosphorus from Anaerobically Treated Wastes Using Struvite Precipitation

Performance Evaluation of an Aerated Lagoon Under Summer and Winter Conditions

Development of a Synthetic Septic Tank Effluent

Measurement of pH and Redox Potential Distributions in Soil Samples for Remediation of TNT Using Microelectrode Techniques

Modeling Water Quality Resposne to Fertilizer BMPS

Low Soil Nitrate Levels in Louisiana Golf Courses Related to N Immobilized to Organic-Matter Sink

Evaluation of the Water Quality Model EUTROMOD

Biological Treatment of a Seafood Processing Wastewater





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