Probabilistic Simplified and Detailed Subsurface Drainage Water Quality Modeling of Nitrate Leaching
A transparent uncertainty structure is derived for simplified and detailed conceptual nitrate leaching as a result of a probabilistic modelling procedure. The uncertainty structure consists...

Rising Water and Nitrate Levels within an Alluvial Aquifer near Phoenix, Arizona
(No paper) An analysis of water level data from more than a hundred water supply wells show that water levels have been rising at a considerable rate since 1980 in some portions of the...

Construction of a New Tollway Below the Groundwater Table with Nitrate Remediation

Remediation of Nitrate Contaminated Surface Water Using Sulfur and Limestone Autotrophic Denitrification

Use of Neural Networks as a Tool to Assess Pesticide Contamination Potential of Rural Domestic Wells

Low Soil Nitrate Levels in Louisiana Golf Courses Related to N Immobilized to Organic-Matter Sink

Ground Water Monitoring in the Arkansas Delta—1992-1998

Groundwater Nitrate in Coastal Florida Citrus Groves

Removal of Nitrates in Saturated Soils Using Zero-Valent Iron and Electrokinetic Processes

Effect of Crop Rotations on Ground Water Quality

Experiments and Numerical Simulations of Nitrate Transport in Ando Soils

Simulating the Drainage and Nitrate Leaching with OPUS Model

Denitrification of Ground Water/Waste Water using the Aquacel System
Within the United States there are vast reserves of ground water which are no longer suitable for drinking because of high concentration (> 10 mg/l NO3-N) nitrates. Furthermore,...

Impact of Agricultural Water Conservation on Water Quality in Arid Irrigated Areas
Water quality constituents of concern in irrigation return flow include sediment, nitrate, pesticides, and trace elements. Each of these components can be affected by irrigation and drain...

Mapping Groundwater Vulnerability to Nitrate and Pesticide Contamination in the Salinas Valley, Monterey County, California
This paper describes the approach and the associated investigation leading to the development of groundwater vulnerability maps for a critical water supply region in the Monterey County....

Modeling the Lake Decatur Watershed in Illinois to Evaluate Effects of Best Management Practices on Nitrate Loading
The Illinois State Water Survey recently completed a two-year monitoring and modeling study of the Lake Decatur watershed in Illinois to develop land use management alternatives that would...

Artificial Recharge in the Oakes Test Area
The Oakes Test Area (OTA) was developed to evaluate predicted impacts of developing irrigation in the Garrison Diversion Unit in North Dakota. A limited irrigation water supply has forced...

Cropping Systems on the Delmarva Peninsula to Reduce Ground Water Contamination
A total of twelve cropping systems were simulated with the GLEAMS model for nitrate leaching. A precipitation model was developed using a Markov chain model and a gamma distribution for...

Evaluation of Nitrate Treatment Methods Under Uncertainty
There are several methods of removing nitrate from drinking water with varying degrees of cost and system perfonnance. In this study, the cost-effectiveness of the following nitrate removal...

Inhibiting Action of Calcium Nitrite on Carbon Steel Rebars





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