Computer-Integrated Construction
Computers have been used quite successfully as replacements for manual drafting, but to stop there seriously underuses the potential of computer aided design. By using the computer's...

The Key is Constructability
Construction generally involves the collective efforts of owners, designers, contractors and suppliers. During the design phase, the engineer should be mindful of such critical elements...

Earthquake-Induced Settlements in Silty Sands for New England Seismicity

Building A Barrier Wall Through Boulders
Engineers and contractors conceived a novel approach to a barrier wall at a difficult site near the Niagara River in New York State. The site had been contaminated by a chemical company...

Dioxin Contamination in Sediments of the Port of New York and New Jersey: The Search for Criteria

Environmental Mediation and Open-Water Disposal

Recent Assessment and Decontamination Studies of Contaminated Sediments in the New York/New Jersey Harbor

Disposal of Contaminated Sediments in NY/NJ Harbor

The December 1992 Storm at the New York Mud Dump Site

Demonstration of Equipment for Dredging Contaminated Sediments at Buffalo River, Buffalo, New York

Dioxin Capping Management and Monitoring Program: Design and Implementation

Ocean Disposal with Capping of Dioxin Contaminated Sediment: New York Case History #1

Modeling Cap Placement at New York Mud Dump Site

Revenue Enhancement for Water and Wastewater Systems
This proceedings, Revenue Enhancement for Water and Wastewater Systems, examines techniques used in the water and wastewater utility industry...

Civilian Structures: Taking the Defensive
The 1992 terrorist bombing of the World Trade Center in New York posed a challenging question to the engineering community: Can we design cost-effective structural systems for public and...

The Mexican Migration
The North American Free Trade Agreement has made Mexico an attractive market for U.S. firms, particularly in the environmental field. At the same time, privatization (as with toll roads...

One Hundred Twenty Years of Tunneling in New York City

Is It Ethical to Profit from a Natural or Man-made Disaster?
When a natural disaster occurs, should engineers charge their usual fees? The winner of the Daniel W. Mead Prize for Younger Members addresses some ethical aspects of this question using...

New Way Out
An obsolete and hazardous ventilation/emergency-exit shaft on the banks of the Hudson River has been replaced with a deep, dual-shaft system that connects to a 100-year-old train tunnel...

Meshing Computer Technologies
A growing number of clients, especially state DOTs, are requesting computer-aided design (CAD) documents in a specified format, leaving consulting firms to wonder how many different CAD...





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