President's Diary: U.S., Civil Engineers Renew Ties with Australia, New Zealand

Ground Improvement at Albany Airport, New York

New Jersey Route 495 Exclusive Bus Lane Safety Study

The Impact of Congestion on New York City Bus Service

A Regional Model of Reference Evapotranspiration for the Northeast United States

Ground Water
Protection Alternatives and Strategies in the U.S.A.
Prepared by the Task Committee on Ground Water Protection of the Water Resources Engineering Division of ASCE. This report presents general hydrogeologic...

Leonard's Law: The Albuquerque Theory of Financial Partnering

The Newark South Wellfield Aquifer Management Plan: How to Get More Water/Better Water in an Urban Setting!

Numerical Simulation of Temperature in the New York Bight

Storm Surge Frequency Computations for Long Island, NY: A Comparison of Methodologies

New Jersey Nearshore Hypoxia During the Summer 1976

Applications Surge for New Jersey Cleanup Funds

VOC Inventory at New York City Wastewater Treatment Plants
Although the New York State Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990 (CAAA) implementation plan is not yet in place, the Citys Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is taking a proactive...

Dormant Season Alfalfa Water Balance on the NIIP
Non-growing season water balance parameters were measured for alfalfa under high-elevation desert conditions of the Navajo Indian Irrigation Project in northwest New Mexico. The lysimeters...

US/Mexico Border Drinking Water Study
This report is an outgrowth of a more detailed report, written as part of an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) study. This report represents my views, and does not necessarily represent...

Forcing Function and Climate Change
A system framework for investigating the effect of climate change in the upper Rio-Grande river basin, New Mexico, is developed. The forcing function or input into a climate change model...

The Fabric Dyers' Use of Recycled Water
Tuftex Industries manufactures both residential and commercial carpets. As a Division of Queen Carpets, Tuftex is the largest carpet manufacturer on the West Coast and part of the fourth...

Scour-Hole Dimensions at Selected Bridge Piers in New York
Knowledge of scour-hole dimensions can be used by bridge engineers to deter mine the extent of countermeasures needed to prevent scour at bridge piers. Scour-hole widths at 128 piers,...

Design Guidelines for Bioengineered Bank Stabilization
Design of bioengineered slope stabilization measures in riverine environments to minimize rates of stream bank erosion requires accounting for hydrologic, hydraulic, geomorphic, geotechnical,...

Optimization Modeling of Complex Surface Water Collection Systems
The New York City (NYC) water supply system is currently being modeled using Linear Programming (LP) optimization techniques. A series of simulations were performed to investigate the...





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