Study on Fuzzy ANN and its Application in Runoff Forecast

Comparison of Multi-Layer Perceptron and Radial Basis Function Network as Tools for Flood Forecasting

Pipe Network Analysis and Design in Developing Regions. Case Study: Novokuznetsk, Siberia
Pipe network analysis, design and optimization in developing countries poses some unique problems, yet, is of paramount importance. Under these conditions, there is frequently only sparse...

Use of Artificial Neural Networks for Agricultural Chemical Assessment of Rural Private Wells
The detection of agricultural chemicals in rural private wells has prompted for numerous studies at regional, state, and national levels. A principal concern arises from the fact that...

Neural Networks Predict Pesticide Leaching
The goal of this work was to determine whether artificial neural networks (ANN) can be used to predict the percentage of applied pesticide that leaches through 50 cm of turfgrass covered...

Research to Application: Network Models to Simulate Flow and Transport in Heterogeneous Media
Effective groundwater cleanup requires accurate site-specific information on cleanup processes. Numerical simulations limit the need for expensive field experiments and provide details...

Filling and Emptying System Model Study for the Innovative Lock Design
Funding constraints have generated innovative ideas regarding the hydraulic system of proposed navigation locks. Two fundamental questions addressed in the innovative lock design study...

Predicting THM Formation with Artificial Neural Networks
An existing mathematical model to predict trihalomethane formation and speciation was enhanced through the use of artificial neural network technology. The model corresponded well with...

Emulation of DWRDSM using Artificial Neural Networks and Estimation of Sacramento River Flow from Salinity
Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) are widely used and well-suited for multiple non-linear regression. Department of Water Resources Delta Simulation Model (DWRDSM) is a computer model...

Simulation of Nonlinear Structures with Artificial Neural Networks

Modeling Stress-Strain Response of Clay Using Neural Nets

Learning and Shaping in Emergent Hierarchical Control Systems

A Neural Network Impedance Learning Control Model for a Robotic Excavator

Model-Centered World Wide Web Coach

Technology Potential and Limitations in a Vitual Design Studio

User Models in Search and Navigation Systems on the Internet

GIS-T Design for its Applications

Application of Artificial Neural Network to Guideway Demand Modeling

Preliminary Design of 2-Story Buildings Using a Hybrid System

WWW and Multimedia in Undergraduate Civil Engineering





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