The Nearshore Environment Research Center Project

Overview of DUCK85 Nearshore Processes Experiment

Potential of Seabed Drifters for Nearshore Circulation Studies

Remote Sensing of Nearshore Bar Systems—Making Morphology Visible

Beach and Nearshore Sediment Sampling on a Developed Barrier, Fenwick Island, Maryland

The Unesco-Lesser Antilles Coastal Zone Management and Beach Stability Program
The aim of this program is to develop internal capabilities to conserve and manage beach and nearshore resources. The program covered six islands, Grenada, St. Vincent, St. Lucia, Dominica,...

A Coastal Zone Management Strategy for the Sultanate of Oman
As a further response to the pressures of development, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry has contracted the International Union for Conservation of nature and Natural Resources (IUCN)...

Estuarine Quality Use and Public Perception
Coastal environmental quality is determined on the basis of a relatively small number of biochemical and physical parameters which may bear little relation to the intended use of the water....

Numerical Solutions for Problems Related to Nearshore Morphology?!
In the development of numerical models of nearshore morphology various steps can be envisaged: 1. initial models: the initial bottom topography remains unchanged; spatial variations in...

Disturbance and Community Development
This paper reports on the recovery of nearshore vegetation after Hurricane Allen in 1980, change in roadside vegetation throughout a year, and the early re-establishment of vegetation...

Development of a Coastal Oil Spill Model
An integrated coastal oil spill model (designated 'SMEAR') is being developed for Minerals Management Service, Alaska, with broad application to all coastal environments....

Nearshore Sand Sources for American Samoa: An Alternative to Using Beach Sand
Using a combination of geophysical techniques, in situ observations, and sampling by scuba divers, we investigated along the south shore of Tutuila Island, American Samoa, for nearshore...

Integral Model of the Nearshore Zone

Quasi-3D Nearshore Current Modelling: Wave-Induced Secondary Current

Field Observation of the Dynamics of Long Period Fluctuations in the Nearshore Zone

Role of Wave Transformation on Mixing of Buoyant Nets

Analysis of Cross-Shore Circulation on a Beach

Nearshore Zone Monitoring System

On the Definition of Fluid Mud
Fluid mud is a near-bed, high density cohesive sediment suspension layer which is a common cause of estuarial and nearshore sedimentation. It is noted that for a given sediment-fluid mixture,...

Coastal Hydrodynamics
This book includes papers presented at the ASCE Specialty Conference on Coastal Hydrodynamics Conference, at the University of Delaware, June 28-July 1, 1987. The papers review the state...





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