Prospects for the Development of Traffic Navigation Systems in Chinese Cities

An Experimental Analysis of Intelligibility and Efficiency of In-Vehicle Route Guidance System Displays

Littoral Processes, Sediment Budget and Coast Evolution in Vietnam

Sediment Transport Model and Its Application for Assessment of Sedimentation in Navigable Channels

Hydrodynamics and Wave Transformation at Selected South Carolina Tidal Inlets

Current-Induced Breaking at an Idealized Inlet

Seasonal Closure of Tidal Inlets

Baffle Boxes and Inlet Devices for Stormwater BMPs

Effects on Wave Transformation at a Tidal Inlet

Parameterisation of Numerical Wave Transformations to Derive Joint Coastal Extremes

Toward a Risk-Based Assessment of Shallow-Draft Navigation Investments

Time-Dependent Reliability and Hazard Function Development for Navigation Structures in the Ohio River Mainstream System Study

Hydrographic Surveying
This manual establishes criteria and presents policy and guidance for performing hydrographic surveying in support of planning, engineering and design, construction, operation, maintenance,...

The Chicagoland Man-Made Waterways

Re-engineering the Design Criteria for Sidestream Elevated Pool Aeration

Analysis and Application of Eulerian Finite Element Methods for the Transport Equation

Numerical Simulation of Hydrodynamics for Proposed Inlet, East Matagorda Bay, Texas

Tidal Circulation and Larval Transport Through a Barrier Island Inlet

Status of the Scour Evaluation of Bridges over Waterways in the United States

Tidal Hydraulic Modeling for Bridges





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