Loading Cycles for Fatigue Reliability Assessment of Miter Gates at Navigation Locks on the Upper Mississippi River

Probabilistic Assessment of Miter Gates

Evaluation of Reliability of Pile-Supported Structures

History and Heritage of German Coastal Engineering

A Marine Geophysical Investigation to Determine the Cause for Failure of the Yaquina Bay Jetty, Newport, Oregon

Stormwater Treatment: Inlet Devices and Filtration

The Great Netherland Flood of '93 and Its Impact on Navigation

Estimating the Economic Value of Risk Reducations from Deep Draft Channel Widening

Compatibility With Post-Cleanup Property Development As a Criterion to Shape Remedial Solutions: An Example From the Combined Remediation of the Port of Tacoma Blair Waterway and Blair Backup Properties Tacoma, Washington

Applying Advanced Technology in Vessel Positioning for Dredging

High-Technology in Port and Vessel Operations

Co-evolution of Harbor Maintenance Dredging, Environmental Regulations, and Open-water Disposal Site Management: A Twenty-Year Perspective

Marine Traffic Management a New Concept in VTS

San Juan Harbor Navigation Channel Design

Probabilistic Design of Navigation Channel Depths

The Development of a Beneficial Uses Plan for the Proposed Houston Ship Channel Widening and Deepening Project

Marine Simulation Capabilities for Channel Design

Framework for Handling and Treatment of Contaminated Dredged Material from Ports and Inland Waterways

Shallow-Draft Coastal Port Design

International Ports and Waterways





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