Balancing Between Channel Maintainability and Navigation on the Red River

Environmental Preservation of Red River Oxbows

Two-Dimensional Sediment Transport Model of the Missouri - Platte River Confluence

Evolution of USACE/USCG Radiobeacon Network for Western/Inland Rivers

Intersection of the Houston Ship Channel and Gulf Intracoastal Waterway, a Marine Simulator Navigation Study

Small Scale Improvements to Navigation Locks

Spillway Gate Forces - Montgomery Point Spillway

The Magdalena River Navigation Project (Columbia)

Condition Assessment of U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Civil Works

ASCE Salary Survey 1995
The 23rd biennial ASCE salary survey of the civil engineering profession conducted by the ASCE Committee on Employment Conditions during the first quarter of 1995 is presented. It consists...

Wise, John

Peak Load Regulation in Power Station and Navigation

A Pen-Centric Application for Construction Quality and Productivity Tracking

Estimating the Economic Value of Risk Reducations from Deep Draft Channel Widening

The Great Netherland Flood of '93 and Its Impact on Navigation

Risk-Based Decision Support for Dredging the Lower Mississippi River

A Survey of Urban and Agricultural Watershed Management Practices

Competitive Strategies of Quantity Surveying Practices and the Role of Information Technology

A National Survey of Design and Maintenance Practices of Flood Control Systems in the United States

Navigation Problems on the Zaire River, Africa





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