Discharge Equation of Ice Harbor Type Fishway

Deposition of Fine Suspended Sediment in a Gravel-Bed Flow

Analytical Predictions of Weakly Swirling Turbulent Pipe Flow

Particle Model for Alluvial Fan Formation

Numerical Modeling of Dam-Break Type Problems for Navier-Stokes and Granular Flows

Estimation of Hazard Area Due to Debris Flow

Wave Propagation in Shallow Waters: Modelling and Real Data

Parameterisation of Triad Interactions in Wave Energy Models

A Boussinesq Model for Inshore Zone Sediment Transport Using an Energetics Approach

Numerical Modeling of Wind-Structure Interactions

An Implementation of Finite Element Method on Distributed Workstations

Depth-Averaged Boussinesq Equations Applied to Flow in a Converging Channel
Supereritical flow in a contracting channel is simulated by numerically solving the 2D depth-averaged Boussinesq equations using a fmite-difference model DASH (Molls and Chaudhry 1995,...

Estimation of Bed Material Transport Capacity
A procedure is presented which combines several computational components for the estimation of bed material transport capacity in alluvial channels. Bed load transport is estimated through...

A Method to Study Suspended Sediment Induced Flow Characteristics Changes
Sediment-laden turbulent flows occur in nature and through man-made hydraulic structures. Our current understanding of this two-phase flow phenomenon is incomplete, and many important...

A Comparative Study of the Transformed Methods for Solving Richards' Equation
The Richards' equation represents the movement of water in both saturated and unsaturated porous medium. The numerical solution to this equation is difficult because the algebraic...

Channel Junction Effects in Channel Network Flow Simulation
In this paper, the momentum equations, which are applicable at channel junctions, are suggested based on the conservation of momentum flux. In the equation, the lateral inflow angles are...

Design Guidance—Instream and Bank Restoration Structures
Despite an urgent need for river and stream restoration design criteria, little guidance has emerged in recent years. Existing guidance is largely unsatisfactory, promoting empiricism...

Lake Number: A Long-Term Lake Water Quality Predictor
A seasonal maximum Lake number was found to be a good predictor for volume averaged water temperatures, maximum water temperatures near lake bottom, seasonal stratification characteristics,...

A Finite Element Analysis of Mach Reflection by Using the Boussinesq Equation
The numerical analysis of Mach reflection, which is the reflection of an obliquely incident solitary wave by a vertical wail, is presented in this paper. For the mathematical model in...

Discharge Characteristics of Overshot Gates
Overshot gates are becoming increasingly popular for controlling water levels in open channels because of the ability of the gates to handle flow surges with limited depth changes. While...





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