Identifying High-Hazard Sites for Older Drivers

Effect of Type of Foundation on Period and Base Shear Response of Structures

Regional Debris-Flow Hazard Assessment of Mountain Territories of the Republic of Kazakstan

Geoscience and Geotechnical Engineering Aspects of Debris-Flow Hazard Assessment

A Framework for Estimating Losses Due to Hurricane Extreme-Winds

Insurance and Damage Mitigation - Incentive or Disincentive

Train/Vehicles Wind-Induced Hazard and Its Mitigation

An Alternative to Watershed Planning by Crisis Management

Natural Hazards Mitigation in South Carolina

Earthquake Hazard Mitigation in Iran (Its Progress and Prospect)

Combined Structural and Non-Structural Flood Hazard Mitigation

Effects of Earthquakes on Highway Bridge Abutments

Using Hydroscience and Hydrotechnical Engineering to Reduce Debris Flow Hazards

The Car as a Wind Shelter for Mobile Home Residents

Optimum Risk Management with Uncertain Hazard and Vulnerability Information

Post-Hurricane Investigations: Quantifying Damage

Geo-data System for Landslide Hazard Assessment

Natural Disaster Reduction
These proceedings contains the summaries of the presentations at the 1996 ASCE International Conference and Exposition on Natural Disaster Reduction held in Washington, D.C., December...

Building Codes and Natural Disasters - 2 Case Studies

Natural Disaster Losses to Conventional Construction and their Mitigation (An Insurance Company Response to Catastrophic Losses Since Hurricane Hugo)





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