Prediction of Hazard and Risk of Mudflows

Integrating Engineering and Geological Approaches to Evaluating Debris-Flow Hazards: An Opportunity from Davis County, Utah

Debris Flow Hazard Assessment in British Columbia

The Grading of Risk for Hazardous Debris-Flow Zones

Slush Lahar Hazards on the Flank of Mt. Fuji - A History and Perspective on Climatic Change

The Basic Characteristics of Debris Flow Hazard Along the Sichuan-Xizhang (Tibet) Highway in China

Velocity Profile Assessment for Debris Flow Hazards

Automated Snow Avalanche Hazard Reduction

Structures of Debris Flow Countermeasures

Channelized Debris Flow Mitigative Structures in British Columbia, Canada

Estimation of Hazard Area Due to Debris Flow

Pipeline Research Needs
Pipeline Research Needs is the proceedings of a workshop organized by The Pipeline Research Committee, Pipeline Division, American Society...

Quality Assurance
A National Commitment
These proceedings, Quality Assurance—A national Commitment, consist of papers presented at the specialty conference of ASCE Annual Convention...

Manufactured Gas Plants: Yesterday's Pride, Today's Liability
Manufactured gas plants were the pride of the industrialized world until cleaner, natural gas pipelines were built beginning in the 1930s. Most gas plants had closed by the 1960s, leaving...

Life Cycle Cost Analysis with Natural Hazard Risk: A Framework and Issues for Water Systems

Pipeline Needs, Technology Opportunities for Natural Gas Transmission Systems

Pipeline Research Needs

Watershed-Change Induced Uncertainty on Runoff Frequency for Water Resources Management

Natural Gas Systems
This section provides an overview of natural gas systems, including their major components and subsystems. Also present is a guide for a post-earthquake investigation of gas systems....

Relicensing Hydropower: The Many Faces of Competition





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