Surf Zone and Swash Zone Sediment Dynamics on High Energy Beaches: West Auckland, New Zealand

Suspended Sediment Transport and Morphological Evolution on an Intertidal Beach

The Erosion Response of Estuarine Mudflats to Tidal Currents and Waves

Shoreface Nourishment at Terschelling, The Netherlands: Feeder Berm or Breaker Berm?

Sand Bar Dynamics and Offshore Beach Nourishment

Modeling of Seasonal Variations by Cross-Shore Transport Using One-Line Compatible Methods

A Behavior Oriented Model for the Evaluation of Long-Term Lagoon-Coastal Dynamic Interaction Along the Po River Delta

A Conceptual Model for Barrier Coasts Behavior at Decadal Scale: Application to the Trabucador Bar

Sediment Transport Model and Its Application for Assessment of Sedimentation in Navigable Channels

Wave-Induced Currents in Multiple-Bar Nearshore Zone

Seasonal Closure of Tidal Inlets

Analysis of Infragravity Wave-Driven Sediment Transport on Macrotidal Beaches

A Guidebook for Integrated Planning in Colorado

Toward Sustainable Urban Transportation in Canada

Meeting Future Travel Needs While Preserving Rural Communities

Rail-Trails: An Element of Sustainable Development

Integrated Urban Models Research Needs

Road LOS Standards and Land Use Density: Making the Connection

San Francisco's Mission Bay Area Project: Balancing Land Development and Transportation

Modeling the Impact of Land-Use/Transportation Systems on the Regional Environment





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