One-Dimensional Routing of Mud/Debris Flows Using NWS FLDWAV Model

Settling and Erosion Characteristics of Mud/Sand Mixtures

Field Measurements of Erosion across a Shallow Water Estuarine Mudflat

Application of Circulation and Sediment Transport Modeling within San Diego Bay

Siting Low Profile Grade Control Structures for the Muddy Creek Demonstration Stream Restoration Research Project
In the Fall of 1993 Reclamation began a demonstration stream restoration research project on Muddy Creek, near Great Falls, Montana. Muddy Creek captures return irrigation flow from a...

Aspects of River House Cleaning during Floods
In spite of all the destructive forces of floods, the washing and scouring of polluted bottom deposits during spring floods gives the rivers a new start at the beginning of what is usually...

Mitigation Measures for Eroding Muddy Shores
A criterion for the stability of muddy coasts is proposed, accounting for bottom resistance, hydrodynarnic forcing and sediment supply. Although qualitative, this criterion provides a...

Experiments on Resuspension of Fluid Mud Using an Oscillating-Grid Tank

Nailing A Landslide (Available only in the Geo/Environmental Special Issue)
When mud flows in California threatened to stop traffic on a freeway and erode a street from below, Caltrans worked around the clock to stabilize the slope using soil nailing and shotcrete....

An Integrated Remediation/Redevelopment Approach for a 31-Acre Site with Oil Field Drilling Waste Sumps

Sedimentation and Consolidation of a Neutralized Red Mud

Consolidation Settlements and Pore Pressure Dissipation
A test fill was constructed off the coast of one of the outer islands in Hong Kong to evaluate the consolidation characteristics of a soft plastic clay deposit known as Hong Kong mud....

Numerical Modeling of Fluid Mud Transport in Estuaries
The movement of fluid mud has been cited as the most likely cause of rapid sedimentation in channels located in muddy estuaries. A time dependent, two-dimensional laterally-averaged cohesive...

Banks, Glynn E.

Research on the Consolidation of Mud

Development of a Technique to Acoustically Detect and Study Fluid Mud and its use in Dredging Management

So You Want to Remediate Contaminated Mud! These are Your Five Choices.

The December 1992 Storm at the New York Mud Dump Site

Dredged Material Dispersion from the Vicinity of a Pipeline Discharge, Tylers Beach, Virginia

Construction of Intertidal Mudflats as a Beneficial Use of Dredged Material





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