When Things Became Muddy: TVA's Response to Seepage Discharge at Boone Dam
In October 2014, the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) profited from investments in a robust dam safety program. This profit did not come in the form of money, but more importantly in the protection of...

Excavations in San Francisco Bay Mud: Design for Deformation Control

Geotechnical Engineering Aspects of Microtunneling in Soft Ground

Wave-Mud Interaction: Wave Attenuation and Mud Mass Transport

Experimental Studies on the Estimation of Deposition and Erosion Parameters of Silty Mud

Bypassing of Dredged Muddy Sediment and Thin-Layer Disposal, Hauraki Gulf, New Zealand

Post-Cyclic Response of Holocene Bay Mud from San Francisco

Case Study for the Upgrade and Rehabilitation of a Pumped Storage Installation - Muddy Run Powerhouse

Prediction of Hazard and Risk of Mudflows

A Two-Dimensional Model for the Study of Debris-Flow Spreading on a Torrent Debris Fan

Discrimination Between Inertial and Macroviscous Flows of Fine-Grained Debris with a Rolling-Sleeve Viscometer

Normalized Rheological Behaviour of Fine Muds and Their Flow Properties in a Pseudoplastic Regime

Slush Lahar Hazards on the Flank of Mt. Fuji - A History and Perspective on Climatic Change

Map of the World Mudflow Phenomena

On the Importance of Mud and Debris Flow Rheology in Structural Design

1996 Tumalt Creek Debris Flows and Debris Avalanches in the Columbia River Gorge East of Portland, Oregon

Ability of Muddy Debris to Remain Mobile at Low Flow Rates

Potential Changes of Mudflow Phenomena Due to Global Warming

The Necessity of an Ecological Foundation for Mudflow Defence Measures in the Highlands of the Central Caucasus

On the Importance of Mudflow Routing





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