Hedratecture and Artificial Gravity
There is a need, according to the National Commission On Space, to develop three critical space facilities: A Space Base, A Variable-Gravity Research Facility, and a Lunar Surface Outpost....

Working on the Moon: The Apollo Experience
Work experience gained during the Apollo missions suggests that lunar base productivity can be enhanced through careful attention to suit design, repair capabilities, equipment design...

Level of Recycling Effectiveness
The Level Of Recycling Effectiveness (LORE) scale is presented. It is a conceptual framework for evaluating recycling and other alternative strategies of meeting needs in space activities....

Building a Lunar Observatory: An Engineer's Time Table

Lunar Surface Mobility Studies, Past and Future

Site Constraints for a Lunar Base
A rigorous site plan is a prerequisite for quantitative analyses of lunar base operations. The development of such a site plan, done for a detailed lunar base study (RLSO, 89), is described...

Interior Design of the Lunar Outpost

A Robotic Return to the Moon
An autonomous Lunar precursor mission is proposed as the first step to an effective, low cost return of man to the Lunar surface. The mission would use two self similar robotic vehicles...

Astronomical Science from a Lunar Base

Lunar Mining: Surface or Underground?

LOUISA: A Lunar Optical-Ultraviolet-Infrared Synthesis Array

Foundation Design for a Radio Telescope on the Moon

Separation of Lunar Ilmenite: Basalt vs. Regolith

A Cost Study of Concrete Production on the Moon
In proposing and evaluating a construction system for a lunar base, the question of cost would be the most important one. Although it is not possible to conduct a detailed cost study at...

Rovers & Work Vehicles—Simple is: Good, Cheap, Reliable

Magnetic Beneficiation of Highland and Hi-Ti Mare Soils: Rock, Mineral, and Glassy Components

Alternatives for the U.S. Manned Space Program
There are a number of directions the U.S. space program could take. Should a space station be built? Should a lunar outpost be constructed? Should the U.S. plan a manned trip to Mars?...

Regolith-Structure Modeling of Lunar Facilities

Design and Construction of a Lunar Outpost Assembly Facility

Structural Design of an Inflatable Lunar Habitat





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