The San Jacinto Monument: Over a Foot of Settlement, but Level
On March 6, 1836, General Santa Anna and his Mexican troops killed all those defending the Alamo Mission in San Antonio, TX. The Texans wished to be independent from Mexico and regrouped after this severe...

Classical Architecture and Monuments of Washington, D.C.: A History & Guide, By Michael Curtis. Charleston, South Carolina: The History Press, 2018

Discussion of San Jacinto Monument Case History by Jean-Louis Briaud, Jennifer Nicks, Keunyoung Rhee, and Gregory Stieben

Carving the Worlds' Largest Rock Monument: Where Art Meets Rock Mechanics

The Geology, History and Foundations of the Monuments on the National Mall

Scaling the Monument
One of the three phases in the restoration of the Washington Monument was the design and construction of an aluminum scaffolding system with both functional and aesthetic purposes. The...

Casa Grande: Survey and Analysis of Structural Stability of a Hohokam Monument

Use of Geophysics to Aid in Mapping Basalts Relevant to Ground Water Flow and a Landslide Hazard at Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument

Engineering and History: Manifestations in Monuments

Civil Engineering Education: An Historical Perspective

Extending the Legacy: Planning America's Capital for the 21st Century

Civil Engineering and Civic Monuments: The Commissioning, Design and Public Perception of Urban Infrastructure Projects
This paper analyzes the roles that some infrastructure projects play as civic monuments and public places, and how these functions interact with their technical performance and utility....

A GIS Foundation Example
A primary network of geodetic control monuments was developed with static GPS measurements. These monuments are tied to the existing Florida High Precision Network....

Japan Builds 21st Century Monuments
Japanese civil engineers are designing and constructing an extensive array of 21st century landmarks that incorporate innovative technology applied to industrial restructuring, advanced...

Engineering a Monument, Evoking a Nightmare
Rather than simply standing as a backdrop for exhibits, the $53.2 million U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum is intended to be part of the fabric of the exhibition itself. Now under construction...

Evaluating Spring Flow Trends at Pipe Spring National Monument and Vicinity, Arizona
A study conducted by the National Park Service Water Resources Division is resolving if ground water pumping is causing spring flow declines at Pipe Spring National Monument (PISP). Ground...

The Challenges of Preseving Our Nation's Lighthouses

Jubail Industrial City: Engineering Monument
The seawater cooling project is a major innovation in engineering accomplishments. Here the project engineers discuss the key civil engineering aspects of the Jubail, Saudi Arabia project...


Land Records: Costs, Issues and Requirements





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