Application of `SWAT2000' for Hydrological Modeling of Small Watershed in Eastern India
The present study deals with an application of a physically based continuous hydrological model (SWAT2000) forhydrological modeling of small agricultural watershed of Gowai river catchment...

Seasonal Changes in a Tidal Inlet Located in a Monsoon Regime

Wave Climate on the Coastal Area of Taiwan Strait

Extraordinary Flood Disaster in Tai Lake Basin of China in 1991

'96 Extraordinary Flood in the Middle Reach of the Yangtze River

Flash Floods and Their Control in the Indian Arid Zone
Flash floods are common hydrologic phenomena in the arid north west India. Drainage basins of high relief, a large percentage of surficial bed rock, sparse vegetation, and shallow soils...

Environmental Considerations for Water Resources Development in Haor Areas of Northeastern Bangladesh
A haor is a bowl shaped depression which are flooded every year during monsoon. It remains under water for seven months of the year. This paper gives an outline of the environmental considerations...

Floods in Bangladesh

The Drought Occurrence and Response Measures in Taiwan Area, 1991

Objective Measurement of Drought and Agricultural Response to Drought in the Water-Constrained Monsoon Climate of Tamil Nadu, India
Existing definitions of drought, particularly those based on annual or seasonal probability of occurrence, can fail to characterize adequately the relationship between transient shortfalls...

Reservoir Regulation in the Monsoon Climate of Korea
An examination of reservoir regulation rules in light of uncertain estimates of river flow in the Han River Basin, Republic of Korea, shows that two strategies will improve total hydroelectric...

Ironstone Gravels in Eastern Thailand





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