Riding High in Las Vegas
A monorail extension and renovation that will be completed next year will serve both visitors to Las Vegas and residents of the famous resort city....

Pilgrim's Progress: A Status Report on North American APM Systems

Operational Characteristics of Urban Monorail Systems

The Okinawa Urban Monorail

Economic Analysis of a Monorail Link Between the Stratosphere Tower and Downtown Las Vegas

Small Scale Systems in Las Vegas: Appropriate Technology for the Setting

The Las Vegas MGM Grand to Bally's Monorail System

A Transportation System for the Makuhari New City Center

Analysis of Transit Alternatives for Enhanced Ground Access to the Big Bear Mountain Recreational Area

Automated People Movers: A Historic Perspective and Look to the Future

An Introduction to APM Systems and Applications
An Automated People Mover (APM) is an advanced transportation system in which automated driveless vehicles operate on fixed guideways in exclusive rights-of-way. These differ from other...

A Marketing Analysis of an Old Concept: the Horizontal Elevator-Monorail
The objective of this research is to define an efficient and cost effective concept for an Automated People Mover (APM) System. Current solutions are relatively expensive to install, have...

Urban Development and APMs in Japan
Implementation of APMs in relation to urban development enlarges the freedom in planning land use and transportation facilities and expands its influence area. As a whole, APM expands...

The Von Roll Monorail at Merry Hill, U.K.
In June 1991 a Von Roll monorail commenced operations at the privately developed Merry Hill Shopping Centre in the U.K. The paper describes the application of the Von Roll monorail to...

Newark International Airport APM: A Progress Report
This paper presents an overview of the progress of the Newark International Airport APM project, emphasizing facility design and construction....

Expansion of the Newark International Airport Monorail
The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (PA) has planned, designed, and begun constructing an APM system at the Newark International Airport (EWR). This system, called the Monorail,...

The Automated People Mover as One Class of AGT

Fixed Guideway Technology Survey

Role of APM and Land Development

Monorail Operating Experience at Walt Disney World





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