Theoretical Investigation of Moment Redistribution in Composite Continuous Beams of Different Classes

Composite Action in Slim Floor Systems

A New Design Method for Continuous Composite Beams Allowing for Rotation Capacity

The Effect of Composite Floor Slabs on the Behavior of Steel Moment-Resisting Frames in the Northridge Earthquake

Behaviour of Composite Joints and Their Influence on Semi-Continuous Composite Beams

Simple Prediction Method for Moment-Rotation Properties of Composite Beam-To-Column Joints

Modeling Moment-Rotation Characteristics for Composite End Plate Connections

Behaviour and Cracking of Slabs as Part of Composite Beams in Regions with Negative Bending Moments

Plastic Hinge Theory for Composite Floors and Frames

Limited Mobility Displacement Grouting: When Compaction Grout is Not Compaction Grout

Behavior of Lightweight Cementitious Cellular Grouts

Control of Fluid Properties of Particulate Grouts: Part 1 - General Concepts

Control of Fluid Properties of Particulate Grouts: Part 2 - Case Histories

An Introduction to Unsaturated Soil Mechanics

Displacement Grouting Used in Abandoned Mine Lands

Selective Withdrawal at Hungry Horse Dam, Montana

Relationship of Emigration of Silver American Eels (Anguilla rostrata) to Environmental Variables at a Low Head Hydro Station

Increased Profits from Low-head Hydropower Sites

Corrosion Pitting at Ellis and Whillock Stations

Short Payback Period of Turbine Control and Monitoring Systems for Low Head Powerstations





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