Detailing to Avoid Moisture Problems

Characterization of Moisture Diffusion in Concrete Based on Microstructural and Composite Models

Defining Limitations for Use of the Help Model

Effects of Alluvial Depth on long-Term Infiltration at Yucca Mountain, NV

Analaysis of Near-Field Thermal and Psychometric Waste Package Environment Using Ventilation

Unsaturated Flows in a Porous Medium Containing a Heated Air Annulus

Estimation and Possible Utilization of Moisture in Sand Dunes

Quality Enhancements of Cement-Mortar Coatings

Passive Volatilization of Gasoline from a Wet Silt-Loam

Cover Systems for Managing Hazardous Waste

A FE Model of Moisture Flow Within a Landfill

Identifying Limitations on Use of the HELP Model

Nuclear Gage Tests on Soils Containing Various Sized Aggregates

A Tank Moisture Model (TAMMO) for Describing Neutroan Scan Data

Preliminary Analysis of Three-Dimensional Moisture Flow Within Yucca Mountain, Nevada

A-Tough: A Multimedia Fluid-Flow/Energy-Transport Model for Fully-Coupled Atmospheric-Subsurface Interactions

Spatial Distribution of Potential Near Surface Moisture Flux at Yucca Mountain

Prediction of Movement in Expansive Clays
The movement of expansive soils is usually due to a change of suction near the soil surface. The properties of the soil that govern the amount and rate of movement are the suction compression...

In Rehab We Trust
Glulam structures will be durable and last for a long time provided structural elements are protected from water and moisture. Once water is allowed to come into direct contact with glulam...

Design Property Values of Wood-Based Materials in LRFD Format
The development of a U.S. Load & Resistance Factored Design (LRFD) specification and supporting documents for engineered wood construction is nearing completion. The two key components...





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