Geotechnical Factors Influencing the Spatial Variability in Ground Motions for Bridges

Structural Analysis for the Seismic Retrofit of The San Diego - Coronado Bay Bridge

Analytical Methods for Prediction of Fracture in Structural Details

Evaluation of Code Period Formula for Concrete MRF Buildings

Analytical Studies for Seismic Isolation in Highway Bridges

Instrumented Monitoring and Nondestructive Evaluation of Highway Bridges

Non-Linear Seismic Analysis of Carquinez Bridges

Seismic and Dynamic Analysis and Design Considerations for High Level Nuclear Waste Repositories
This committee report was created to fulfill two primary objectives: 1) to provide guidance for assessing and defining the dynamic loads that must be considered in the design of a repository...

Signalized Intersection Capacity Analysis Software

Study of Lost Time at Signalized Intersections

Philips Highway TSM Study

Reducing Accident Impacts Under Congestion

Analysis of Accidents, Traffic, and Pavement Data

Congestion Analysis of Southfield Freeway - A Case Study

ITRAF, a GUI for the TRAF Family of Models

Stress Analysis of Bond for Integrated Optical Fiber Sensors

Simplified Approach for Dynamic Soil-Structure Interaction Analysis of Rigid Foundation

Vibration Characteristics of Foundation Slabs on a Two-Parameter Elastic Medium

Higher-order Theory of Elasticity for Granular Solid

Anisotropic Elasticity of Granular Assemblies with Ellipsoidal Elements





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