Structural Damage due to Hurricane Marilyn in St. Thomas and Culebra

Dynamic and Quasi-Static Design of High-Rise Buildings Subjected to Wind Loads

Offshore Platform's Failure and Repair - Case Studies

Use of GIS Mapping to Illustrate the Sensitivity of Wind Hazard Insurance Loss Estimation to Modeling Parameters

Beware of Flying Cranes - and Disconnected Codes

Two Recent Russian Far East Destructive Earthquakes. Case Studies and Post-Disaster Analysis

Natural Disaster Reduction Structures Specialist of the Urban Search and Rescue Task Forces

Design and Construction Criteria for Hurricanes - Preventing Your Pre-Engineered Building from Becoming a Scrap Metal Heap

On the Response of Transmission Structures to High Winds

An Analysis of Damage from Hurricane Andrew; A Dissenting View

Hurricane Disaster Mitigation Through Real-time Wind Analysis

Effects of Hurricane Luis on Structures in Antigua

Probabilistic Seismic Hazard and Sensitivity Analysis: A Case Study from Southern California

Seismic Analysis, Design and Evaluation of Hospitals—Vulnerability Studies by Energy Methods

Collapse of Transmission Line Towers in Typhoon Gay

Analytical Modeling of Composite Reinforced Concrete-Steel Systems

Compact Procedure of Linear Programming for Plastic Analysis of Frame Structures

Confidence Region of Estimates from Inverse Analysis of Elastic Multilayered System

A New Linearization Strategy for Structural Optimization

Computer Visual Analysis of Water Resources Projects: A Public Involvement Approach





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