Ground Movement, Building Response, and Protective Measures

Mitigation of Void Development under Bridge Approach Slabs Using Rubber Tire Chips
The problem of void development under bridge approach slabs has been correlated to the use of integral abutment bridges (Schaefer and Koch, 1992). This void development then causes settlement...

Lessons from the Failure of the LS Hydroelectric Power Project Dam

Habitat Development and Wastewater Treatment Wetlands: Natural Combination or Recipe for Failure?
Discussion session summary....

Transportation Planning and Air Quality III
Emerging Strategies and Working Solutions
This proceedings, Transportation Planning and Air Quality III, consists of papers presented at the conference held in Lake Tahoe, California,...

Computing in Civil Engineering
This proceedings, Computing in Civil Engineering, consists of papers and extended abstracts presented at the International Computing Congress,...

Critical Research Need: Integrated Analysis, Design and Construction Methodologies for Wood Structures

Recycling Oil Industry Seismic Data for Geologic Hazards Analysis

Oil Spill Prevention on the California Coast Facts, Failures and the Future

Results of the Coastal Waves Meteorological Project: Analysis of the Santa Barbara Channel Data

Methods for Soil Characterization from Images of Grain Assemblies

Application of Dempster-Shafer Theory in Radar Data Analysis: A Case Study for Highway Pavements

Automated License Plate Recognition with a Neural Net Based Accelerator

Safety Analyses and Testing of APM Systems

Rehabilitation of B-Street Pier for the San Diego Unified Port District

Computer Mooring Load Analysis to Improve Port Operations and Safety

Dredging and Reclamation: Mina Raysut Container Terminal

Aggregate Orientation and Segregation in Asphalt Concrete

A Study of Stress Distribution in Geogrid-Reinforced Sand

Image Texture Analysis and Neural Networks for Characterization of Uniform Soils





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