History of Hot Mix Asphalt Mixture Design in the United States
Asphalt has been used as a construction material from the earliest days of civilization, but though it has long been used as a waterproofing material in shipbuilding and hydraulics, its...

Shotcrete Development in Brazil

Testing and Evaluation of Recycled Concrete Aggregate (RCA) as Mixture and Base Material

Performance Evaluation of Pothole Patching Materials

Assessment of the Epigenetic Toxicity of a Mixture of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) before and after Biodegradation

Constructibility of Polymer-Modified Asphalt Aggregate Mixtures in Alaska

Use of Large Stones as Coarse Aggregates in Portland Cement Concrete Mixtures for Pavements

Characterization of Recycled Mixtures with Superpave

Cold In-Place Recycling: State of the Art

Heavy-Duty Asphalt Mixture Design: A Comparison of SHRP and Marshall Designed Mixtures Using SHRP Performance-Related Testing

Liquefaction of Silts and Silt-Clay Mixtures

Thermal Contraction of an Asphalt Concrete Mixture

Freeze-Thaw Effects on a 10% Sand-Bentonite Mixture

The Effects of Mixing Quality on the Densification of Heterogeneous Powder Mixtures

Microgravity Segregation in Binary Mixtures of Inelastic Spheres Driven by Velocity Fluctuation Gradients

Modeling the Fate and Transport of Emulsion Fuels Spilled in Marine Environments

Simulation of Suspended-Load Transport for Sediment Mixtures

Non-Equilibrium Sediment Transport Modeling of Sanmenxia Reservoir

A Flow Model of Hyperconcentrated Sand-Water Mixtures

Proportioning Concrete Mixtures with Graded Aggregates





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