Rehabilitation of Masonry Combined Sewers in the City of St. Louis

Taming the Red River
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers completed its last great waterway project, the Red River Waterway in Louisiana, Dec. 31, 1994. The project took more than a quarter of a century and $1.8...

Simulation on Hydraulic Scale Model of Sand and Silt Transport in the Lower Mississippi River

Changes in Land Use and Sediment Yield of Fines

A Habitat Improvement Plan for the Big Sunflower River, Mississippi

Historical Floods on the Middle Mississippi River

River Forecasting During the Great Flood of 1993 Knowing When to go Beyond Computer Models

Analysis of Negative Effects of Major Floods on Man

Lake Regulation During Record-Breaking Conditions

The Great Flood of 1994: The Disaster that Did Not Happen

The Great Flood of 1993--What If?

Analysis of 1993 Upper Mississippi Flood Highway Infrastructure Damage

Sediment Yield from Watersheds with Eroding Channels

Bioengineering Stabilization of Harland Creek Sites

Divided We Fall
This article examines the aftermath of a falsework failure during the construction of a Mississippi River bridge in Minnesota. The author reviews the legal issues that arose from the collapse,...

When the Levee Breaks
As repairs to the billions of dollars in damages left by the Mississippi and Missouri floods continue, many engineers believe it is time to step back and see if there are better ways of...

Cables Over the Mississippi
As the designer of the Great River Bridge over the Mississippi between Gulfport, Ill. and Burlington, Iowa, Sverdrup Corp., St. Louis, had to find a way to connect the new five-lane crossing...

Seismic Evaluation of the Tied-arch Bridge Across the Mississippi River on I-40
The bridge reported in this paper is a two-span steel tied-arch bridge supported on massive caisson foundations. Site specific seismic studies were carried out to establish the ground...

Construction of the Clark Cable-Stayed Bridge at Alton, Illinois
The Clark Cable-Stayed Bridge crosses the Mississippi River at Alton, Illinois. The successful bid by McCarthy Bros/Clark Bridge JV was for the steel alternative. The bridge design included...

Opening Remarks by Robert L. Wiegel





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