Measurements of Bridge-Scour Depths in Mississippi
This paper briefly summarizes 190 measured pier-scour depths collected dur ing 1942?94 at 22 selected bridges in Mississippi and presents an envelope-curve equation for the data. The envelope-curve...

Navigation Lock Improvements
All commercial barge traffic on the Upper Mississippi River and Illinois Waterway must pass through a system of locks designed and built in the 1930s and 40s. Many of the locks on these...

Upper Mississippi River System Environmental Management Program (EMP)
Introduction The Upper Mississippi River Navigation System (UMRNS) is one of the largest Public Works projects existing within the continental United States of America. The system, which...

Loading Cycles for Fatigue Reliability Assessment of Miter Gates at Navigation Locks on the Upper Mississippi River

Stabilization of a Creeping Slope Using Soil Nails

Soft Dike Demonstration Project on the Mississippi River

Sustainable Stormwater Management

Risk-Based Decision Support for Dredging the Lower Mississippi River

Water Resources Management with the NWS Water Resources Forecasting System (WARFS)

Lessons Learned From The Great Flood of 1993

Management of Regional Flood Damages to Railroads

Rehabilitation of Masonry Combined Sewers in the City of St. Louis

Simulation on Hydraulic Scale Model of Sand and Silt Transport in the Lower Mississippi River

Changes in Land Use and Sediment Yield of Fines

A Habitat Improvement Plan for the Big Sunflower River, Mississippi

Historical Floods on the Middle Mississippi River

River Forecasting During the Great Flood of 1993 Knowing When to go Beyond Computer Models

Analysis of Negative Effects of Major Floods on Man

Lake Regulation During Record-Breaking Conditions

The Great Flood of 1994: The Disaster that Did Not Happen





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