Dune Building and Vegetative Stabilization in a Sand Deficient Barrier Island Environment

Baton Rouge and New Orleans Deep Water Draft to Gulf of Mexico

Atchafalayai Management: Opportunities and Problems

Issues of Levee Extension and Wetland Flooding

Jackson Mississippi Computer-Aided Flood Warning

Surface Water Impoundments
One hundred sixty papers presented at a symposium on surface water impoundments are included, with the aim of providing analysis of existing impoundments and planning new impoundments...

Water Circulation and Solute Transport Model for a Mississippi River Impoundment

A Biological Monitoring Program for Assessing Macroinvertebrates and Water Quality in the Metropolitan Mississippi River

Gravel Mining and River System Stability

Ice Problems on the Middle Mississippi River

Effects of Planktonic Algae on Water Quality in Impoundments of the Mississippi River in Minnesota

The Effects of Different Operating Plans for the Six Mississippi River Headwaters Dams

Effect of Dock Resistance on Tanker Mooring Forces

Environmental Data Collection Via the Global Meteorological Satellite System for Water Management and Control

Big Cajun No. 2 Docks: Planning and Design

Differential Subsidence on Reclaimed Marshland Peat in Metropolitan New Orleans, Louisiana

Mid-America Ports Study — Facility Planning

Transportation Facilities on the Inland Waterways

Diffusion of Dredged Material in the Mississippi River

A Study of the Effects of Maintenance Dredging on Selected Ecological Parameters in the Gulfport Ship Channel Gulfport, Mississippi





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