Zero Discharge Waste Management for a Coal-Fired Power Plant under Environmental and Resource Constraints

Design for Erosion Loss Studies on Disturbed Lands

Coal Mine Reclamation with Native Plants

Dissolved Solids from Appalachia Coal Mining

Chemical Flocculation in Coal Mine Sediment Ponds

Hydrologic Considerations in Federal Coal Leasing

Hydrologic Parameter Distribution on a Mine Spoil

Predicting the Spatial Variation in Erosion

Phosphate Mine Dump Hydrology

Composite Water Movement in a Sloping Phosphate Mine Dump

Snow-Erosion Relationships on Mine Waste Dumps

The Regulation of Mine Waste Disposal

Coal Mining Effects on Western Groundwater Quality

Long-Term Impacts of Surface Mining on Streamflow

Current Geotechnical Practice in Mine Waste Disposal
Papers Collected by the Committee on Embankment Dams and Slopes of the Geotechnical Engineering Division
The purpose of this volume is to define the current state of geotechnical practice in various aspects of mine waste disposal, an area of increasing interest to the geotechnical engineering...

Control Technology for Coal Cleaning Wastes

Metal Removal from Coal Ashes and Wastes

Fluidized Bed Combustion Waste in Food Production

Solid Waste Research and Development Needs for Emerging Coal Technologies
The workshop was organized into three topical areas: (1)Solid Waste Characterization; (2)reuse, recycle, utilization; and (3)environmental effects: system design, monitoring, disposal....

Ground Surface Subsidence Due to Coal Mine Collapse





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