Alternative Urban Flood Control
The hydrological impact of urban growth on urban ecology, water resources, and specifically on urban flooding has been profound. Urban growth in Iran, assuming the continuation of past...

River Restoration Considerations Beyond Channel Design
Restoration of river systems in highly disturbed environments poses unique challenges beyond channel design. The Jordan Creek Restoration project in Idaho was conducted in a valley disturbed...

Upper Mississippi River System Environmental Management Program (EMP)
Introduction The Upper Mississippi River Navigation System (UMRNS) is one of the largest Public Works projects existing within the continental United States of America. The system, which...

Large River Diversion Optimization Considering the Uncertainties Involved
Temporary river diversion during major construction (i.e., large dams) is a challenging job. Selection of diversion system capacity and the dimension of the system components are subject...

New Orleans Rolls the Dice (Available only in Structures Special Issue)
To compete with the gambling meccas of Las Vegas and Atlantic City, New Orleans recently took a gamble by erecting the world's largest casino building. With the structure...

Pyramid Power
The pyramids of Giza in Egypt were built with limestone from nearby quarries, not concrete as some have theorized. The three main pyramids of Giza mark a highpoint of pyramid building...

The Gulf of Aqaba: A Common Cause in the Middle East Peace Process

Design and Operational Aspects of Recharge Dams in the Sultanate of Oman

Al Khawd Recharge Dam Preliminary Conclusions on First Years of Operation

Suitability of Wastewater Effluents to Recharge Groundwater Aquifers in Saudi Arabia

The Recharging Effects of the New Aswan Dam Lake on the Ground Water Aquifers

Potential Use of Artificial Recharge in Jordan Rainfall Runoff and Infiltration Model

Artificial Recharge to Israel's Carbonate Aquifer

Lessons from Recharge Experiments in Kuwait

Infiltration Characteristics and Soil Moisture Variability in a Sand Dune Area

Estimation and Possible Utilization of Moisture in Sand Dunes

Advances in Pipelines for Desalinated Water in Saudi Arabia

Preliminary Assessment of Seismic Vulnerability of Highway Bridges in Istanbul, Turkey

The Shared Use of Transboundary Water Resources In the Middle East - An Historical Perspective

Management of Sedimentation and Degradation Problems of the Nile River in Egypt





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