Earthquake Hazard Assessment of Iran

Screening Hospitals and Fire Stations for Seismic Potentials in City of Tehran

Seismic Microzonation and Development of an Earthquake Damage Scenario for Istanbul, Turkey

A Predictive Model of Salinity and Crop-Production in the Jezreel Valley of Israel

The New Galata Bridge at Istanbul

A Decision Support System for the High Aswan Dam

Comparison Between Different Reliability Techniques to Calculate the Standard Deviation of the Predicted Traffic: A Case Study from Egypt

Proposed Performance-Related Data Characteristics for the Israeli Pavement Management System

Negotiating Middle East Water Management: Lessons from Other International River Basins

The Use of Aquifers in Saudi Arabia to Reclaim and Store Wastewaters

Environmental Impact Assessment of the Al-Sharq Waterfront Project, Kuwait

Business Operations in the Middle East

Construction Site Safety in the New Israeli Standard on Formwork for Concrete

Old Aswan Dam
Egypt's Aswan Dam is almost 100 years old, and engineers performed tests of the masonry, conducting petrographic and chemical analyses. The High and Aswan Dam Authority of...

Construction Safety Affected by Codes and Standards
These five papers present an insight into, and highlights of, some very recent design/construction standardization activities in the US, Canada, Great Britain, Japan and Israel. New performance-type...

Water Wisdom of the Ancients
Two water systems thousands of years old--the falaj system in Oman and China's Dujiangyan water works--are still in use today. A climatologist describes how these systems...

Dynamic Response of Hagia Sophia

An Evaluation of Tidal Predictions in the Yellow and East China Seas

Challenges and Opportunities in Egypt's Integrated Water Resources Strategy
Egypt's Nile irrigation system is a very complicated, old operated, continuously expanding system. It may be also described as a highly productive irrigated agriculture system....

Inundation Studies in Case of Failure of King Talal Dam
In this paper a brief description of the studies is presented and the computed results are summarized. During running the program, several difficulties were encountered. These problems...





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