Circulation and Transport Phenomena in Kuwait Bay

Steel Pipeline Provides New Water Supply for Jordan

Transportation Issue will Run the Gamut from Cleveland to Houston to Saudi Arabia to Shanghai, China

Marine Trestle to LPG Loading Terminal Ju'aymah, Saudi Arabia

Land Application Options in Alexandria, Egypt

The Aswan High Dam and Lake Nasser

Problems with Drip Irrigation in Saudi Arabia

Water Resource Management in Saudi Arabia

Reservoirs in the Tihama Area of Saudi Arabia

Expansive Soils
Fifty-two papers presented at the Fourth International Conference on Expansive Soils are included; conference panel and open discussions are summarized. Engineers often predict anticipated...

Constructing a Pipeline in Northern Iran

Design of the New Tehran International Airport

Saudi Arabia's New Gateway Airports

The Kuwait Waterfront Project

Intermediate Service Levels in Water Distribution
This paper is concerned with design standards for secondary water distribution networks. Based on field studies in the Middle East and Africa, mathematical equations were developed for...

Constructing a Major Project on a Fast Schedule in the Middle East

Saudi Arabia

Doing Business in Saudi Arabia
The consulting firm or contractor eager to get a piece of the action in Saudi Arabia must be prepared to endure some hardships. Foreigners can't own land but can rent living...

Analysis and Design of Lightly-Loaded Foundations
(Volume 2)...

Evaluation of Soil Moduli
(Volume 2)...





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